The desire to be beautiful is relevant to any age. This is impossible without smooth, firm and healthy skin. Daily care is sometimes not enough. Wrinkles, mimic folds become more visible, the complexion fades, a clear oval is lost. The proven laser facial rejuvenation comes to our rescue, whose first procedures were performed in 1960 and have been refined over time.

Laser facial survey, what does it mean?

the essence of laser skin rejuvenation procedure

Laser facial rejuvenation is a technique of non-contact exposure to a beam in the intermediate layers of the epidermis and destruction of obsolete collagen fibers. Thus, the body triggers the synthesis of new fibers that smooth out wrinkles and folds, standardizing the relief of facial skin. At the same time, the integrity and structure of the upper layer of the dermis is not disturbed, so no rehabilitation is necessary.

Laser facial rejuvenation was developed for patients aged between 35 and 55 years. The procedure is allowed until the age of 35 for preventive purposes of aging or with enlarged pores. The effect of the exposure is not immediately noticeable. Significant changes are visible after 3-4 weeks. It is recommended that the course of therapy be repeated periodically (twice every 3-4 years).

Advantages and disadvantages of the survey

This rejuvenation has many advantages:

  • painless procedure;
  • does not require anesthesia;
  • affects not only wrinkles, but also other skin defects (for example, pigmentation, scarring or stretch marks);
  • stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin;
  • effective action is seen within 5-6 years;
  • has no age, season or skin type restrictions;
  • is ​​performed without disturbing the daily life, does not require preliminary preparation and hospitalization after the procedure;
  • is ​​combined with various rejuvenation methods (endoscopic survey, plastic surgery);
  • does not require interruption of medication.

The laser facial lift, important in the rejuvenation of hardware, is absolutely harmless to health, has no complications or side effects.

There are some minor factors that can hardly be called "disadvantages":

  • slight redness after the procedure, which disappears on its own;
  • tanning ban in the first 4 days;
  • an impressive cost of the procedure.

Indications and essence of the process

The popularity of this technique is increasing every day, thanks to a wide range of its features:

how the laser skin rejuvenation procedure is performed
  • eliminates wrinkles totally or partially;
  • smoothes, leaves less noticeable scars after acne, scars on the face;
  • strengthens the cells of the epidermis inside;
  • closes the pores;
  • evens out the complexion;
  • activates the production of collagen fibers.

Laser rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes removes the vascular network without harming the sensitive area.

After the procedure, it is recommended to pay more attention to natural masks and self-massage to nourish the skin and consolidate the result. It is useful to use additionally all types of essential oils, they hydrate and nourish the tissues with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Laser facial skin rejuvenation is performed with special equipment and takes no more than 40 minutes. The lifting course is 3-5 sessions, depending on the desired effect. The result is permanent.

Contraindications to the use of the technique

Despite the harmlessness of the procedure, it still has contraindications:

  • oncological formations of any kind;
  • dermatological diseases in the field of manipulation;
  • diabetes mellitus, impaired blood clotting;
  • pregnancy period, feeding;
  • hypertension;
  • infectious diseases, a marked decrease in immunity in the current month;
  • recent visit to the solarium, fresh tan.

A sufficient list of contraindications indicates a mandatory consultation with a beautician. If necessary, he will recommend another method or make adjustments to it.

Opinions of cosmetologists and types of procedures

Cosmetologists together observe the effectiveness and safety of this technology, recommend combining it with others. Because for a more mature skin, laser lifting is not enough. Plastic surgery, fractional facial rejuvenation (as a type of laser technique), mesotherapy and acupuncture will help to increase the effectiveness of the method.

Don't forget facial gymnastics, natural cosmetics made from seaweed and masks made from mineral-rich fish oil.

Adjust your diet and hours of sleep. In your diet, focus on anti-aging foods, fresh herbs, vitamins, fruits and vegetables.

Laser facial rejuvenation also includes biorevitalization, photorejuvenation and laser resurfacing. Cosmetology professionals will help you choose a suitable option for each one.